What is Brandkoc?

Brandkoc was born from the idea of helping consumers have reviews about the products and services they have used. The KOC is written from the Key Opinion Customer. So KOC is the one who actively chooses products and brands and gives the most honest reviews, not necessarily following a pre-existing scenario.


What is Brandkoc doing?

– Brandkoc helps consumers have a platform to honestly review the products and services they have used, without depending on anything.
– Brandkoc is a place for businesses to introduce their services and products to people without spending any money. Brandkoc promises to be a place to affirm customers’ trust with your business. Help your business receive the most genuine comments from users.

In order to constantly improve the user experience and features, we always try to improve Brandkoc under the motto “Platform of honest brand review from users“.

– Team Brandkoc –